Handbag Heaven


Legendary fashionista Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City famously asks a job applicant how she acquired her expensive handbag while she lives in a small rented apartment in New York. The applicant replies that she hired it. Carrie is extremely impressed with the young woman’s sense of style and initiative.


kukaMelon is one of the companies which provide customers hire handbags and other accessories, such as sunglasses. kukaMelon offers a competitively priced subscription service starting at $29/month. Swap your latest handbags or sunglasses every month for a new one, without ever needing the closet space to store unused items. Accessory hiring is a growing trend all over the world.


This idea has many advantages with the growing trend of minimalism and the rising cost of living in many urban cities. Luxury handbags cost a fortune, but even the more moderately priced brand name handbags can put a dent in your wallet when trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends.


Handbag hiring provides an attractive way to wear the latest Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Coach on one’s arm without ever paying full price. It’s also an excellent way to acquire premium items without overspending on fashion. Hiring a quality accessory enables women to look polished, trendy and impressive without making regular big purchases.


Other advantages include being able to try a handbag before buying it and having the chance to wear a different handbag each month or for different occasions. Even the best brand name products can disappoint and get dumped into the darkest corner of your closet before getting their money’s worth. If a customer hires a bag for a while, she will get a chance to see whether it is suitable for her lifestyle and be able to decide whether she wants to spend a lot of her hard-earned money on buying one. A great option kukaMelon offers for its customers is 80% off retail value buy-out option, so you get to keep your favourites.


Many women don’t want to spend much on one handbag when they may quickly tire of it. This is especially true for trendy items that may go out of style next season. When they hire handbags instead, they can wear a Coach for one month and a Vince Camuto the next. It’s a wonderful way to try many different bags.


The ease of online ordering and convenience factor appeals to many women. In a world where going to retail stores is a time-consuming task we’d rather avoid, subscription services provide a convenient way to get products straight to your door. With the aid of companies like kukaMelon, you can wear the latest fashion trends, save money and time. What are you waiting for?